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    BEWARE patch test or scam?!
    Booked to have my hair coloured with Alexe in the Fitzrovia branch for a hefty price as he was voted one of the UK’s best in blonde and I’d previously flown in from Italy to see him and he did a wonderful job.
    I booked the appointment on 25 May at 17:35. The appointment was for 27 May at 16:30.
    Left my credit card details as they have a policy that if you cancel they take the money for the appointment.
    I felt confident that they wouldn’t just charge my card as I’d been through this process before and had no issues.
    On Monday 27 May I receive some Instagram messages from Alexe saying the reception is trying g to get hold of me. I immediately called them to which they tell me my appointment will need to be cancelled as I needed a patch test before. I was sure mine was still valid but human error I guess it had been more than 6 months since my last appointment.
    I explained that once again I am only in town for a few days and if I came straight in when would I be able to have my hair done. They told me after a full 48 hours.
    This wouldn’t work as I would have already left London by this time.
    The lady on the phone apologised and said unfortunately they couldn’t help me in that case.
    I was super disappointment as I’d been longing to have my hair done.
    Never in a million years did I expect to get an email on 3 June with an invoice to say they have debited my card for £404!!!!
    I obviously think this must be a mistake and call the branch who are completely unhelpful and tell its policy to take the funds for cancelled appointments. I explain I never cancelled, you did. Doesn’t matter they are of no help I just get an email address for “Tara” who deals with this and conveniently doesn’t have a contact number. I email her and call every day to try get a resolution and eventually today 7 June she replies saying:
    “ Hi Daisy,

    Thank you for your email. Looking at the booking log your patch test could have taken place on the 25th in order to ensure your appointment on the 27th could go ahead. Unfortunately, as per our t’s & c’s which were sent to you in our confirmation email and ticked while booking online if the appointment does not go ahead a cancellation charge will be applicable.

    Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,

    Please explain how I would have been able to go in after 17:30 on the 25th and had 48 hours to do my patch test???
    I am sorry but this is just an excuse to take my money without delivering a service. This company clearly doesn’t care about its customers and I would be very careful if you’re thinking of dealing with them because this patch test now just sounds like an excuse to take money.
    Also if I didn’t have 48 hours to do the test shouldn’t their system have not allowed me to make the booking in the first place???



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