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Only authentic reviews are posted on ReviewUK. We have systems in place to automatically check whether reviews are authentic. In addition, each review is checked manually. To ensure that your review does not have to be removed after posting, we ask you to follow the step-by-step guide below. This is how we keep the quality of our platform high and help consumers with authentic and high-quality Reviews!

The requirements for writing a review:

  1. The most important thing, of course, is that you have actually had an experience at the company you are writing a review about. It is also not allowed to write reviews about companies that compete with your own. Should there be any doubt about this, we can ask for additional proof by email.
  2. Substantiate reviews well. Whether positive or negative, a review is only really useful for other customers if it clearly describes your experience.
  3. Do not share private information, names, phone numbers or addresses. Also, the use of offensive language, swear words or otherwise offensive or threatening content will result in the removal of your review.
  4.  Sharing promotional content is not allowed. So, for example, do not use your review to advertise another company or share promotional codes.

We ask everyone to follow these guidelines so that we can remain the best and most transparent review platform. We reserve the right to remove a review based on the above rules and actively enforce them to ensure the high quality of experiences on ReviewUK. Good luck with writing your review. For more information on the review policy, please click HERE.

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