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Maxx Royal Resorts

Maxx Royal is a luxury travel brand that focuses on providing unique hospitality experiences based on the Turkish tradition of ‘Misafirperverlik’, known for its warm and generous hospitality. Launched in 2011, Maxx Royal integrates this traditional approach into its service with the aim of treating guests with the utmost care, as if they were a loved one. The brand operates several resorts that prioritise personalised service and building lasting relationships with guests. Maxx Royal’s offerings include a range of bespoke services that enhance the guest experience, from luxury accommodation and fine dining to wellness and leisure activities. Each resort is designed to reflect the unique character and energy of its location, cultivating spaces that not only meet the needs of guests, but also encourage the formation of aspirational communities. Maxx Royal also includes Luxx Global, a private jet experience that connects guests to their destinations with a focus on comfort and elegance. The brand’s commitment extends to creating memorable holidays where every detail is designed to contribute to a refined and rejuvenating stay.

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Maxx Royal Resorts

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