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Abnormal.io claims to be the world’s first personalised, nutritionally complete meal solution. Using advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, abnormal.io creates customised meals for customers that take into account their unique lifestyle, dietary preferences, allergies and other factors. The company’s mission is to provide real food that is affordable, convenient and nutritionally balanced. The meals offered by abnormal.io are high in protein, low in sugar and packed with quality ingredients such as oats and chicory root. These meals cater to a variety of dietary needs, including vegan, flexitarian and traditional western diets. Abnormal.io’s innovative approach goes beyond personalisation. The platform allows users to update their profile and recalibrate their meals as their needs and preferences change over time. In addition, the service offers perfectly portioned single-serve sachets for easy preparation and minimal food waste. The company uses paper-based packaging that can be easily recycled. The company is also committed to reducing food waste by providing long shelf-life meals and controlled portions. Abnormal.io offers an intelligent subscription service that delivers a box of 30 meals every 30 days. Customers can adjust the frequency of their deliveries and cancel their subscription at any time. By partnering with Share the Meal, abnormal.io helps fight world hunger by donating a meal for every 30 meal subscription box delivered.

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