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H.S.Johnson was launched after World War II in 1946. Before the war, Herbert Samuel Johnson worked as a watchmaker, and during the war, he used his abilities to fix aircraft equipment as an RAF Sergeant. He met and married his girlfriend Violet, whose father was the Editor of the Lichfield Mercury, while stationed at Fradley. After World War II, they decided to start their firm in Rugeley to be close to home.Rationing was still happening in the early days. Therefore, the business involved trading from wartime utilitarian tables. Michael Samuel Johnson was born on the premises in 1951 and grew up following in his father’s footsteps in the watchmaking business. He began fiddling with clocks at the age of 14, and by the age of 16, he was working full-time at the store with day releases to college to get the necessary credentials. By the age of 21, Michael had completed a three-year study at Birmingham’s School of Jewelry and Silversmiths and started working full-time as a watchmaker at the family watchmaking business.In reality, Michael is a fourth-generation watchmaker, while his father is a third-generation watchmaker. Before this, Herbert’s father, also named Herbert, worked as a watchmaker in London and Hove and taught watchmaking at a London university. During this time, he built three clocks, one of which is still on display in the shop; these clocks are entirely handcrafted and are truly amazing to see and hear.Michael’s great great uncle, William Johnson, was in charge of repairing and maintaining the clocks at Hampton Court Palace in Victorian times. His father, James Johnson, was the manager of Pickett’s on Oxford Street in London.HS Johnson is believed to have a large selection of high-end brands and designer labels’ watches and jewellery. Their family business, which started in 1946, has been in operation for over seventy years. Today, HS Johnson continues to provide a diverse selection of designer timepieces and jewellery. At HS Johnson, clients are said to discover the ideal watch or piece of jewellery from well-known names and designer brands.

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