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Knockout Fightgear is a brand dedicated to empowering individuals through high quality martial arts equipment, embodying a mission to equip everyone with the fighting spirit to push their physical and mental boundaries. Their product range comprehensively covers the needs of both amateur and professional fighters with a variety of boxing gloves, MMA gloves and bag gloves, as well as a range of punching bags and accessories designed for intensive training and competition. The protective gear range includes essential items such as hand wraps, shin guards, mouth guards, head guards, ankle and knee pads and groin guards to ensure athletes are well protected during rigorous training sessions and fights. For trainers and coaches, Knockout Fightgear offers a selection of focus mitts, kick pads, kick shields and body protectors to facilitate effective training routines. In addition to equipment, the brand has also ventured into fightwear and sportswear accessories to cater for the comprehensive needs of martial arts enthusiasts. With a commitment to fostering a strong and resilient spirit in its customers, Knockout Fightgear also offers services such as equipment customisation, product maintenance and cleaning advice.

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