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Owl + Lark

Owl + Lark is a company that has positioned itself at the forefront of sleep innovation, combining a 20-year heritage in product development and manufacturing with cutting-edge health and technology expertise. Launched in 2020, the brand’s mission is to revolutionise the way we think about sleep, improving wellbeing and quality of life through better sleep experiences. Owl + Lark is developing a platform that uses AI to understand and improve the biology of human sleep rhythms, marking a significant leap towards the future of sleep and wellness technology. The company offers a range of products designed to create the optimal sleep environment. These include mattresses that combine luxury and technology for superior comfort, bedding that surpasses traditional materials in coolness and softness, and sleep accessories such as weighted blankets and silk eye masks to enhance sleep quality. All products are crafted with an emphasis on luxurious materials and innovative design to promote a restful night’s sleep.

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Owl + Lark

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