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Scooch offers a comprehensive pet health subscription service designed to simplify pet healthcare for pet owners. Through an all-in-one subscription model, Scooch provides a range of services including online health assessments, AI-driven health tracking, 24/7 veterinary support and vet-formulated treatments tailored to each pet’s specific needs. This innovative approach aims to move pet healthcare from a reactive to a proactive stance, ensuring that pets not only live longer, but also happier lives. The platform starts with a quick online assessment to identify potential health issues, followed by a personalised treatment plan based on the health data collected. Pet owners can track their pet’s health score to monitor progress and maintain control over their pet’s well-being. For any questions or concerns, Scooch provides direct access to professional veterinarians and an AI assistant called Rio, further enhancing the support system available to pet owners. Scooch’s product range includes human-grade, 100% natural, plant-based ingredients with no fillers or additives, addressing a range of health needs including anal gland issues, allergies, joint mobility and dental care. Each product is hypoallergenic, grain and wheat free and comes in eco-friendly packaging, reflecting the company’s commitment to both pet health and environmental sustainability.

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