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My First Five Years

My First Five Years is a next-generation parenting app designed to be an antidote to the anxiety and fatigue often associated with parenting and child development apps. The app is unique in its expert-led approach, providing tools, knowledge and support tailored to each child’s development, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The core philosophy of My First Five Years is to simplify the parenting experience by cutting through the overwhelming and often conflicting advice prevalent in existing parenting apps. It aims to empower parents to feel more confident and better understand their child’s unique learning and development patterns. In doing so, the app addresses the common feelings of worry, guilt and the pressure of unhelpful comparisons that many modern parents face. Unique to My First Five Years is the individualised development plan for each child, created with parental input. This plan focuses on ‘what’s likely to come next’ in six key areas of childhood development, rather than strictly following age-based milestones. The app provides daily activities, play ideas, hints and tips that are simple, easy and effective in supporting a child’s mastery of key life skills. In addition, My First Five Years includes regular check-ins at 6, 12 and 18 months, and annually thereafter until the child is five years old. These check-ins are designed to reassure parents about their child’s progress or signpost them to professional support if needed.

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My First Five Years

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