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    DO NOT USE THE YES NETWORK!!!, is signed up to a new contract last week, i signed an agreement that i would not being paying my monthly bill until the end of the month, so far i had a payment taken from me for 39.99 then another a few days later for 29.99!
    i have not yet received any sim card or phone and have paid for services i have not used, when i tried to call YES NETWORK it took me days to get through to them, i have never experienced worse customer service in all my life, the operative was very cheeky from the start and would not help me in any way, her words were “do not talk over me who do you think you are?, i am hanging up now and its your problem and you wont be getting your money back! ” she then just hung the phone up on me, i called back and the next operative was very much the same and proceeded to call me an idiot!! where else would you get customer service like this? very unprofessional company and at this point they are coming across as scammers and robbing people of their money!! absolute disgrace and there needs to be legal action taken against this organization!!


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Yes Network

The Yes Network offers an innovative approach to mobile contracts, specifically targeting individuals who may find it difficult to obtain a traditional contract due to credit constraints. Recognising the importance of mobile connectivity in today’s society, The Yes Network offers a solution that bypasses the need for credit checks, emphasising trust in its customers rather than their credit history. Customers begin their journey with The Yes Network by using an Unlimited SIM for the first two months. This initial period allows users to demonstrate their reliability as a customer without the pressure of a credit check. Following this, The Yes Network guarantees an upgrade to a new handset, ensuring that customers have access to the latest mobile technology. This process is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free, with the promise of a loan phone during the initial period if required, ensuring continuous connectivity.

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